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New user journey and personalised ads slash financial advice lead cost

The challenge.

YourIFA is a financial services intermediary that sells leads to financial advice firms across the country. They operate in a competitive market with a narrow set of search terms driving 80% of their business. As such, the click costs on these terms are often very high so the need for an efficient paid search account was paramount. YourIFA came to us to help manage their media budgets and wanted to build a high converting user journey.

What we did.

Given the high click costs, we knew we needed a set of landing pages with high conversion rates to keep the cost per lead as low as possible. The first thing we noticed was that the existing pages were using an overly complicated form, so we built a vastly streamlined version. Our landing pages also gave greater prominence to YourIFA’s key selling points and many positive reviews.

Once we were happy with the new pages, our design team set about creating some HTML5 email templates that were sent to customers who successfully filled in the form. Using Zapier, we were able to integrate our form with YourIFA’s CRM, meaning both the lead team and user were communicated to immediately on a successful form fill.

With our slick new user journey in hand, we built a granular search account that relied heavily on the use of dynamic location ads. These ads picked up the location of a user and reflected that back in the headline (e.g., “Financial Advisers in [Location]”). Our work resulted in lead volumes improving, whilst cost per lead dropped by almost a half. Success!

Here’s what the client said

“Grapevine have been instrumental in improving our business outcomes. We have demanding targets, but they have surpassed all of our expectations and proved that no challenge is too great for them. The new landing pages gave us an immediate uplift, lowering the cost per lead straight away.”
Adam Chadwick | YourIFA

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