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The Independent Pharmacy

Transforming data for the UK’s leading online pharmacy

The challenge.

The Independent Pharmacy are one of the UK’s leading, fully online pharmacies offering a wide range of over the counter and prescription medications. Their easy online consultation process helps make buying medications online simple and pain-free. The Independent Pharmacy approached us looking to supercharge their tracking capabilities. They wanted to understand how conversion rates differed across different product types, given that they use separate checkouts depending on the product.

What we did.

The Independent Pharmacy only had basic ecommerce tracking installed through Google Analytics and, as such, only had data on successful purchases, with no visibility of the conversion funnel. Our first step was to install Google’s enhanced ecommerce tracking, which allowed us to track the checkout funnel and identify bottlenecks.

However, this was only part of the journey. Before users reach the checkout, they must go through a funnel in the form of a questionnaire. What’s more, this questionnaire differs depending on the type of product a user is trying to purchase. For example, prescription medications require an initial consultation, whereas over the counter medications do not. Given Google Analytics only has the capability to track one checkout funnel, we had to create additional tracking using custom events and dimensions. This allowed us to build multiple user funnels, and see how changes to the questionnaire by product type affected conversion rates overall.

Finally, a new suite of Data Studio reports was created, to give the client rich data in an easily digestible format. This data has been used to help inform changes to the user journey and checkout process and forms the basis of our reporting.

The Independent Pharmacy

Here’s what the client said

"We’ve been very impressed with Grapevine, and found them to be insightful, enthusiastic, and fully immersed in our brand. Grapevine have been a significant partner navigating the complex and often jargonized world of digital marketing. Would highly recommend."
Scott | The Independent Pharmacy

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