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Reclaim PPI

Better creative & viral native ads blow up lead volumes for the same cost per lead

The challenge.

Reclaim PPI is the UK’s #1 claims company, offering 100% no-win, no-fee PPI checks. Even though the PPI ‘deadline’ technically ended in August 2019, customers who had PPI can still make a claim via a Plevin ruling. Our job was to get the word out that people could still get their money refunded and drive low cost, quality leads.

What we did.

Back in 2018 & 2019 the majority of PPI leads were brought in via search, as there was lots of natural interest. Fast forward to 2023 and very few people were searching for “PPI claims”, let alone “Plevin claims”. For that reason we focused our advertising on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & native platforms – all platforms where we had to convince people to start their claim.

Another issue Reclaim PPI were having was that their recent ad activity, on Facebook particularly, had been getting a lot of negative comments from people claiming that PPI had ended, and Reclaim PPI’s services were a scam. To counter this, we produced an FAQ video, which explained why Reclaim PPI were a legitimate, regulated company and gave lots of other reasons about why people should start their claim.


Supporting the activity on social, we designed and built an advertorial website, which gave context around Plevin claims and educated customers on who and how they could still get their refunds. For the best possible results, all the internal links on our native advertorial pointed to Reclaim PPI’s website and we promoted the articles on Taboola, Outbrain and Yahoo Native.

Alongside the advertising efforts, a thorough A/B testing program was implemented to ensure that conversion rates were consistently optimized. This involved testing different variations of the website, such as changes to the layout, wording and calls to action, to determine which version was the most effective in converting visitors into leads.

Overall, the combination of better ad creative, an informative advertorial website, targeted advertising, and ongoing optimization through A/B testing, resulted in a highly effective strategy for reaching and assisting customers who were looking to reclaim their PPI. We were able to double the number of leads for a better cost per lead in 2 months.

Here’s what the client said

"Grapevine Ads improved our results from day one and have grown the numbers in ways that others had said were impossible. They are constantly looking for ways to improve what we have already, as well as finding new opportunities to get us more leads."
Aiden Brindley | Reclaim PPI

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