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Fully optimized shopping feed drives up ROAS by 119%

The challenge.

Furniturebox is an online furniture business dedicated to beautiful, quality and affordable products backed up with exceptional customer service. Furniturebox were becoming increasingly frustrated with Google’s black-box approach to shopping campaigns and came to us looking to get more control over product visibility and drive more sales.

What we did.

Since Google introduced Smart Shopping, and recently Performance Max, they have been encouraging advertisers to run broader ‘All Product’-style campaigns that give no visibility over the search terms that are triggering products impressions. They will show products that they say have better ‘engagement’, though, in reality, Google is showing the products people click on more.

Furniturebox were finding that the products they wanted to push – those with higher prices/better margins – were getting little visibility, and instead Google was showing the cheaper products more often.

Using a feed optimizing tool called Shoptimised, we were able to apply custom labels to high priority products and ring fence these in our shopping campaigns. What’s more, we were able to push actual margin figures into the feed, as well as grouping the products into price bands for greater control. On top of all this, we went about editing the titles and descriptions of the products and inserted high volume generic phrases into the products we wanted to prioritize.

Within just 3 months activity, volume had doubled and the return on investment had gone up too. Hurrah!

Kayla Wilson, Furniturebox, 2021

Here’s what the client said

"Grapevine have been a huge part of growing our website sales with the use of search, shopping and Amazon from a standing start when the website first launched. Weekly calls and Data Studio reports make reporting easy to keep up with. I look forward to our catch ups"
Kayla Wilson | Furniturebox

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