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Contact Solar

New solar panel landing page leaves old one in the shade

The challenge.

Contact Solar are have been installing home solar panels across the UK for the past 15 years. Their expert team use only the most efficient systems, which aim to lower customers energy bills and make for a cleaner planet. Contact Solar approached us looking to supercharge their online marketing.

What we did.

We analysed Contact Solar’s existing paid search activity and decided to completely restructure their accounts. We built new campaigns using Google’s 4-A framework (audience, assets, attribution & automation) and with just 2 weeks of activity on Google and Bing, we saw the cost per lead drop by nearly a half.

Next, we used dynamic ad customisers to ensure our ads references the searcher’s location and plugged into a weather API that pushed our bids aggressively on sunny days – good for the conversion rate.

Our most telling contribution came with the new landing page, which was made using UnBounce. The page – which you can see here – moved the conversion rate from around 3.5% to 7.5%. We recently added a dynamic location element to the page, which has improved the conversion rate to 8.5%. Happy days.

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